About Me

Hi, I’m Julia! I am an English teacher from the USA with a passion for (far)off-the-beaten-track travel. I left America in pursuit of a career that could fund my thirst for adventure, and found so much more! Within the past year, I have lived in Thailand, traveled through various parts of Southeast Asia, and now permanently reside in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, where I work as an English Lecturer at a University. I love my job as it gives me the creative freedom to help my students learn English in a fun and positive environment, fast-tracking them to their future global career goals. In the process of my journey, I have also been able to reach many of my own personal travel goals. My hope is to help other individuals find their dream jobs abroad, and create a network of like-minded, wanderlust-driven, globally-minded educators who can create a positive impact on the lives of students all over the world. So please, come join me!

All of the photographs featured on my blog are my own.